Cornerstone Automation supports customers in the following industries:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemical
  • Quarries
  • Metals
  • Rubbers and Plastics
  • Transportation Industry
  • Water Treatment and Waste Water
  • Engine Control and Stand-by Generation

Sample Projects in the Food & Beverage

Packaging System Restoration
for beer brewery
Description:  Worked for 9 months to restore packaging systems which included most conveyors in the plant. Reinstall and modify PLC code and hardware, drives and networks.

Candy Depositor Servo Upgrade for chocolate candy manufacturer
Description:  Replace obsolete servos with Emerson Techniques servo motors and amplifiers with integrated motion module.  Upgrade PLC and provide Ethernet communications.

High Voltage Stimulator System for meat processing plant 
Description:  Provide enclosures, hardware, software, programming and start-up of high voltage stimulator system for carcass tenderization.

Sample Projects for Wholesale Baking

Controls Upgrade for Automated Process for Wholesale Baker

Description:  Upgrade controls from 4 obsolete Sy-max controllers to 3 Allen-Bradley ControlLogix for the makeup, trough system and mixers.  Project included engineering, design, build and drawings.  Provide and program 3 CTC computer-based HMI touch screens and implement plant-wide Ethernet network.

Control System to Integrate New Process for Wholesale Baker
Description:  Design, build and program new control system for the entire batch management system. Project included design and build of all control panels, VFDs, Ethernet, PLC and HMI programming, startup and commissioning, drawings, and supervision of electrical contractors.

Controls Upgrade for Coolers and Proofers for Wholesale Baker
Description:  Upgrade old hardwired control systems with 4 PLCs, 4 PanelViews, and 10 encoders for 2 bread line coolers and proofers.  Project included provision of all materials, installation, electrical contractor coordination, PLC and touchscreen programming, documentation and drawings, commissioning and startup.

Sample Projects for Waste Water and Water Treatment 

Reactivated Sludge System
for a University 
Description:  Provide, install and program new PLC controls and HMI touchscreen for return activated sludge pump system.

Sludge Dehydrator System
for City in CT
Description:  Programming and start-up sludge dehydrator system.

Reservoir Controls for town in VT
Description:  Upgrade hard-wired controls to PLC for reservoir level, turbidity, and chemical control.